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The Technodolly is the first of its generation. Film directors can now conceive camera movements without having to make any compromises. Directors of photography can shoot their ideas within minutes, and the producers can achieve outstanding results.

In terms of its cinematographer possibilities, the Technodolly can be used by crews to create movements of unlimited length and complexity. These camera moves can be repeated with precision.

The camera operator, grip and focus-puller set up the first frame, some frames in between and the last frame of the desired move. The Technodolly computer remembers these set frames and generates the movement between the frames. The camera operator then travels on that move and tunes the move instantly by deleting or adding new frames.

For live action the camera operator overrides the Technodolly during the move. The Technodolly stores unlimited amounts of movements and can repeat these movements even months later.

The telescopic arm, camera head, focus, zoom and iris are always on the spot. With its motorized base the Technodolly covers movements within a space as big as 25 foot wide, 15 ft. high and 80 ft. long.

Download Technodolly specs (top) (pdf format)
Download Technodolly specs (tracks) (pdf format)
Download Technodolly specs (side) (pdf format)

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